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Bacil lus subtilis

CAS NO. 68038-70-0
Formulation 20 billion cfu / g; 30 billion cfu / g; 100 billion cfu / g; 200 billion cfu / g powder

1. Good safety, non-toxic and high purity. The strain is identified by the Identification Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and it is one of the commonly used bacteria that the Ministry of Agriculture stipulates.
2, product stability, high temperature resistance, can participate in feed granulation, the survival rate of two years of bacteria preservation at room temperature & ge; 90%.
3. Through biological oxygen consumption, destroy the living environment of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine, promote the proliferation of beneficial anaerobic microorganisms, maintain the intestinal ecological balance, effectively prevent diarrhea (dysentery), constipation, enhance anti-stress ability, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.
4, site competition: the formation of intestinal mucosa

Package 25kg/bag, 25kg/barrel

In the case of 30 billion/g use, the product is uniformly mixed in pellets or powders and fed directly. The amount of compound feed per ton is as follows:
1, pig: add 100-150 grams per ton, continuous use for 10-15 days, the whole process is better. It can be used continuously for one week before and after weaning, and it can be effectively prevented from weaning and diarrhea by adding 150-200 grams per ton.
2, chicken, duck: 100-150 grams, the whole period of use, (1-7 days of age doubled the effect is better).