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Bacil lus cereus

CAS NO. 68038-62-0
Property The agent is a Bacillus cereus living body adsorption powder. Appearance is grayish white or light gray powder, fineness 90% through 325 mesh sieve, moisture content ≤ 5%, suspension rate ≥ 85%, pH 7.2. The mixture with Pseudomonas spp. has a pale yellow or light brown emulsion, slightly viscous, has a special astringency, and has a density of 1.08 g/cm 3 , pH 6.5-8.4, and stability below 45℃.
Formulation 1×1010;2×1010cfu/g TC
Features Bacillus cereus can regulate the micro-habitat of crop cells through the SOD enzyme in the body, maintain the normal physiological metabolism and biochemical reaction of the cells, improve the stress resistance, accelerate the growth, and improve the yield and quality.
Toxicity Bacillus cereus is a low-toxic biological pesticide. Its original solution has an acute oral LD50 of more than 700 billion bacteria/kg in rats, and a 90-day sub-chronic feeding test in rats. The dose is 10 billion cells/kg·d. No bad. reaction. There was no irritating response in rabbits with acute percutaneous and ocular tests with 10 billion cells/kg. It is safe for people, animals and natural enemies and does not pollute the environment.
Instructions (1) Seed dressing. For rapeseed, corn, sorghum, soybeans and various vegetable crops, each 1000g seed is seeded with 15-20g of this agent and then sown. If the seed is first soaked and then mixed with the powder, it should be dried and then sown after mixing.
(2) Spray. For rapeseed, soybean, corn and vegetables, in the long-term, 100-150g per 667 square meters, spray evenly on water 30-40L. According to the test on rapeseed, the number of rapeseed, the number of pods and the number of kernels can be increased to promote the increase of yield, and the prevention and control of downy mildew and downy mildew can significantly reduce the incidence.

(1) This agent is a living bacterial preparation, avoiding high temperature during storage, and easily killing cells at temperatures above 50 °C
(2) Store in a cool, dry place, do not get wet, avoid sun exposure.
(3) The shelf life of the agent is 2 years, and it is used up in time in the expiration date.