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CAS NO. 135410-20-7
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 222.68
Structural formula Acetamiprid
Property The acetamiprid has a white crystal appearance with a melting point of 101.0 to 103.3℃ and a vapor pressure of 1.33 × 10 -6 Pa (25 ℃). The solubility in water at 25 ℃ is 4200 ml / liter, soluble in acetone; methanol; ethanol; dichloromethane; chloroform; acetonitrile; tetrahydrofuran. It is stable in water with a pH of 7, and at pH = 9, it gradually hydrolyzes at 45℃ and is stable in daylight.
Formulation 97%TC 80%WP 3%EC 20%SL
Toxicity Acute oral LD50 in rats: male 217 mg/kg, female 146 mg/kg; mice: male 198 mg/kg, female 184 mg/kg; acute percutaneous LD50 in rats: male, female > 2000 mg/kg
Package 25Kg / bag or barrel